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Our clinic provides a wide array of eye care services and features a large dispensary with many options for corrective eyewear that are both comfortable and fashionable.

Eye Exam – Brampton, ON

A full exam begins with a series of automated tests. The results from these tests provide the doctor with important information about your eyes, such as their shape, pressure and responsiveness. An optional part of the pretest is digital retinal imaging, which takes photos of the back of your eyes. In addition to allowing the doctor to inspect the retina in high definition, these photos also allows us to easily track changes to your eye over time as they are permanently stored with your patient file. We highly recommend this service to all our patients.

After the pretests, the doctor will preform a complete eye exam. This will include measuring your visual capabilities at different distances, eye muscle coordination, binocularity and checking your general eye health. During your comprehensive eye examination, your optometrist can also detect many conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Continuity of care and prevention of eye disease are very important to us in this practice. Your doctor will finish the exam by discussing the results of the examination, including if you need glasses or contact lenses, and explaining any follow up or further care that is required.

Please note that many patients require eye drops for complete examination. Those who regularly require such eye drops include persons with diabetes, high nearsightedness or who are over the age of 40. The staff will inform you if you requires eye drops at your appointment.

As vision is a key part of learning, we strongly recommend that children have their eyes examined by age three, and yearly thereafter, to help detect and treat amblyopia (lazy eye), nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Annual eye exams for children under the age of 20 are covered by OHIP.


Much of this equipment is utilized as part of every exam. However, in some cases patients may require further diagnostic procedures, such as visual field testing or in-depth glaucoma evaluation, and these are generally booked for a follow-up visit.


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Remember, your doctor is always the best source of information related to your individual eye care and new developments, so be sure to raise any questions or concerns with your doctor during your appointment.

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